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Stylish Stemless Crystal Glasses

Dartington Stemless Signature Series Glasses (Set of 4)

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Tony Laithwaite has sipped millions of wines in his working life. For many years, he used a glass with a flared rim because it helped him taste better. Now, Dartington Crystal has designed this exclusive Signature Series to help you do the same.

This new, stemless glass has a large, tulip-shaped bowl and subtly flared rim – called the ‘Laithwaite Lip,’ in honor of Tony. Sip slowly and the lip creates an extremely fine film of wine … and that releases more aromas and flavors into the air. These waft up into your nose where most ‘tasting’ is done. The result? A more enjoyable (and flavorful) experience.

This set of four Signature Series stemless glasses makes a beautiful gift or a versatile addition to your glassware shelf. Select your wine today and enjoy these fine crystal glasses for years to come.