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argentina malbec

Argentine Malbec Fans Rejoice!

Just in time for BBQ season, here’s a tip-top lineup from three “wonderful vintages” (critic J. Suckling). All $13.32 a bottle.

12 bottles for $159.88 – Save 20%

Go Mad for Malbec (and more)
sauvignon blanc on sale

Urgent News for New Zealand Fans

Crazy demand + not enough wine = now is the time to buy. New Zealand Sauvignon lovers—get it while you can.

12 bottles for $169.88 – Prices likely to rise soon

First Come, First Served
wines for summer 2021

The Summer Essentials Collection

Enjoy one bottle of each Argentine red and New Zealand Sauvignon shown above—now 25% off.

Only $13.16 a bottle

best wine in cans

Each can is also available on its own...

white wine in cans

Italian Pinot Grigio

Each mod-inspired can is filled with crisp, fruity Pinot Grigio from northern Italy.

12 cans (250ml each) for $49.47 – Save 15%

Pop Open a Pezzo
red wine in cans

NEW California Pinot Noir

Thrilling arrival from Francis Ford Coppola. Silky smooth and even better when chilled.

12 cans (250ml each) for $62.97 – Save 15%

Chill With a Pinot
rose in cans

Fantastic Pink ‘Frizz’

A sell-out sensation two seasons in a row. This gently sparkling rosé is a total fan fave.

12 cans (250ml each) for $49.47 – Save 15%

Dive In! The Water’s Fine
California wine delivery

California’s Golden Couple

Discover the best Cabernet and Chardonnay hotspots—in Napa Valley and beyond. Choose from three wonderful options and enjoy limited-time savings. High sell-out risk.

12 bottles (reds or whites) – only $185.88

12 btls (mix of both) – only $179.88

Cabernet Only—Save $72 Chardonnay Only—Save $91 Get Them All—Save $111
French rose wine buy online

The Official Drink of Summer

Look what’s just landed on our shores...ultra-fresh NEW arrivals from the 2020 vintage. French classics, gold-medal Rioja, California pink Pinot and more. Only $12.49 each.

12 bottles for $149.88 – Top tip: add rosé cans at over 30% OFF

Save Over $40
cans of rose

Dive In, the Water’s Fine!

Add 12 cans of this bestselling pink bubbly to the rosé case at over 30% OFF.

12 btls + 12 cans for $189.35 – Soooooo good

Save Over $60
Super tuscan wines

The Toast of Tuscany

Taste a gorgeously rich Super Tuscan from brother-sister team Virginia and Niccoló Rossetti. Usually $26.99, now $18.66 a bottle.

12 bottles for $223.88 – That’s 30% off

Save $100
Spanish bubbly

Spain’s Answer to Champagne

Why is Cava such a hit with those “in the know?” Few sparklers offer such quality and value—and it’s even better at $10.99 a pop.

6 bottles for $65.94 – Save 33% – only 400 cases

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