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Sicilian Reds

Top-Vintage Sicilian Reds – $11.67 a Bottle

Sicily is BIG news right now. Already a top spot for value, in Italy’s 2014 harvest, “the standout is clearly Sicily” (Wine Spectator). Enjoy our top discoveries in red for JUST $11.67 a bottle.

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Mature Spanish Reds

Perfectly aged Reservas and Gran Reservas

Discover the difference a little age can make. Treat yourself to Spain’s perfectly aged Reservas and Gran Reservas from 2003, 2005, 2007 and beyond for just $13.34 a bottle. Enjoy 104 years of patient aging in ONE case.

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Gold Medal Reds

‘Golden’ Anniversary Reds

It’s been five years since we launched Virgin Wines USA. We’re grateful for your support! Gold may be the gift for 50-year anniversaries, but to say thanks, we want you to have it now. Enjoy gold-medal reds for JUST $13.34 each.

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Top-Vintage Sicilian Whites

Exciting NEW Collection

Already “where some of the best Italian value wines are on offer today” (The Wine Advocate), Sicily has come out swinging as the standout region of Italy’s 2014 vintage. Enjoy these vibrant finds in white, only $11.67 a bottle.

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Rosé Sale Collection

Last call for Summer Rosé

At just $10 a bottle, this is our lowest price on the summer’s top-selling style (though it’s just as tasty the rest of the year, too). Enjoy classy pinks from Argentina, France, Italy, and beyond. Don’t wait to order!

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New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

Refreshing Savings on New Zealand Sauvignon

It's Sauvignon like no other – boasting lip-smacking flavors and impressive quality. Today, it's also a rare value at UNDER $14 a bottle. Crack 'em open and serve ice-cool with summer's freshest seafood or creamy cheeses.

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