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Shipping Timetable

Delivery State Orders entered by the day and time (EST) shown below will be prepared and shipped the following day Once the order is shipped, you can expect a first delivery attempt within the timeframe below
IA, IL, MN Monday, 5pm &  Tuesday, 11pm 1 – 2 Days
OH, WI Tuesday, 5pm 1 – 2 Days
DC, LA, NC, NE, PA, SC, TN, VA, WV Monday, 5pm &  Tuesday, 11pm 2 – 3 Days
MO Tuesday, 5pm 2 – 3 Days
ND, NH, OR, WY Monday, 5pm &  Tuesday, 11pm 3 – 4 Days
CO, CT Monday, 5pm 3 – 4 Days
MA, NJ, NY, NM Tuesday, 5pm 3 – 4 Days
NV Monday, 5pm &  Tuesday, 11pm 3 – 5 Days
CA Sunday, 5pm &  Tuesday, 11pm 4 – 5 Days
FL Sunday, 5pm 3 – 4 Days
TX, ID Tuesday, 5pm 4 – 5 Days
WA Monday, 5pm &  Tuesday, 11pm 4 – 5 Days
AZ Monday, 5pm 6 – 8 Days
IN Sunday, 5pm 7 – 10 Days
MI Tuesday, 5pm 7 – 10 Days
All other states Please call Please call

Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email, which will include your estimated delivery date range.

Please remember that all wine deliveries require an adult signature (21+).

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