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What Is Virgin Wines About?

First, a quiz. What would you rather drink? A or B?


  • Millions of liters produced every year
  • Made in a factory by a hugely successful multi-national corporation
  • Sold: In Aisle 12, across from the frozen peas


  • Handmade in small quantities
  • Made by a passionate winemaker from hand selected grapes and natural yeasts
  • Sold: When the winemaker feels its quality is up to par

Personally, we would rather drink wine B. Especially as it costs the same as Wine A. If you would too, you've come to the right place. Now since this is an 'About Us' page and you expect a little reading, here's the (rest of the) official explanation:

What we do

We sell boutique-quality, handcrafted wines from all over the world. Mainly online. Selected by our ridiculously picky wine buyers. Available by the bottle, case, or as part of our Explorers Club (gives you good, better, best value). Shipped directly to your home or office. With a customer service guarantee that we take very seriously.

Who we are

Yup, Virgin Wines is part of the Virgin Group (planes, music, mobile phones, free concerts and all that good stuff). Same values apply: great product, great value, great service. You'll notice the difference.

Why we're selling wine

Well actually, we've been selling wines successfully for a while (10 years in fact), across the pond. The Brits seem to love them. Simply put, we think wine should be fun. It's made to be enjoyed, right?

But here in the US, it's not always that easy to choose a good bottle. Think restaurants with unfathomable lists. Stores with walls of bottles. Web sites with no real guidance. Sommeliers with attitude. Geeks, snobs, wine bores. Why does wine bring out the worst in some people?

Our mission is to cut through this confusion, tell it straight, and take you to the good stuff. Legit wines from winemakers who really care. All delivered conveniently (and legally) to your home. (Makes sense, no? I mean, wine is heavy!).

Take a spin around our website and see for yourself. Oh, and please tell us and your fellow customers what you think. That's important too.